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What is Mendeley?

Today I am going to start my Mendeley tutorials series. The title of the first article of this series as you see is a question. Before starting to learn anything we have to learn at first how this thing which we will try to learn, will help us. So this title is our starting point of learning this program.

Mendeley is one of the computer programs which helps you get organized in your academic life. Briefly, it helps you improving your reading, writing, collaborating and researching skills. It is quite simple. However, before you start to learn the program you have to understand it’s logic. As you know there are many people in academic life and there are plenty of new ones who is waiting its turn to step up into this life. The main structure of this life depends on these skills which I just talked about at above. So what we have to do to keep these skills improved? The answer is that using technology. How? The answer; learning program. Which ones, such as Mendeley.

Mendeley is a free program, it is reference manager, it is Pdf viewer and annotator, it is source collector, it is a database, it is reference giver in the word, it is bibliography preparatory, it is group organizer, briefly it is everything for a researcher.

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