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2 steps, How to add entry to Mendeley?

Hi everybody, in this Mendeley tutorial I would like to give you an explanation about how to add document to free reference manager program Mendeley Desktop. After deciding using technology in your academical research, you have to determine also which program you should learn also. There are many kind of reference manager programs at the market now days.
In my opinion starting a free and simple program will suit us very well. Mendeley is the one among the other program which give us opportunity to develop ourselves about academic research and organizing. Lets start to see what I can do to teach this program to you. In my tutorials schedule there are many reference program, I will give lessons about other program also, however I decided starting from Mendeley, make you feel at ease for being willing to learn and to understand the logic of this program.

There are two ways to add a document to Mendeley Desktop. One is manually and one is automatically. In this Mendeley tutorial I will talk about how to add an entry manually. It is very simple, I will use a picture of the program interface in order to make myself understandable. You had better follow the instruction that I am showing red arrows on the picture.

Add entry panel

Mendeley is also library organizer program. It helps us to constitute our bibliography. With number one arrow I show you the button which allows us to add entry to our library on Mendeley. After press the button, a panel will be opened to us, at the bottom of the panel as you can see there is “Add Entry Manually” button, now I am showing with number 2 arrow. With number 3 arrow I show you my library which I formed by adding entry manually and via INTERNET.

how to add entry to mendeley
New document panel

When we click “Add Entry Manually” button, adding new document panel opened which I let you see above. Number 1 shows us now we at the add entry panel, number 2 is the are lets us to chose the type of our document such as article or book or such as archival document and etc. Number 3 shows us the are a in which we can add the other information about our document. Number 4 shows us that if we have a file which regards with our entry such as a Pdf file, we can add this file to this area so that we can reach also to the file when we look at to the tag of the entry. And than we click on the save button on the bottom of the panel and finally the entry starts to be shown on our library panel.

In this mendeley tutorial, I have just showed you how to add entry manually to the mendeley desktop library. If you have questions please feel free to ask by comment area, I will turn back soon. I hope this Mendeley tutorial could help you on the way of learning the program.

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